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Are you in the granite / quartz countertop business?

Do you have:

1.  Trouble breathing.
2.   Shortness of breath.
3.   Felling like your not getting enough air.
4.   A cough that won’t go away. 
5.   Coughing up blood.
6.   Pain or discomfort when breathing in or out.
You may be suffering from SILICOSIS

Fabricating granite or quartz counter tops and other silica-containing materials may expose workers to levels of respirable crystalline silica. Workers who inhale excessive amounts of crystalline silica can develop silicosis, a serious and potentially FATAL LUNG DISEASE.

Silicosis is a progressive and irreversible condition of the lung that can lead to serious disability or death.  Crystalline silica is a natural component of the earth’s crust and is a basic component of sand, quartz, and granite rock. Workers with impaired lung function due to silica exposure are more susceptible to other respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis.

Activities such as grinding, cutting, routing, drilling, chipping, or polishing on granite and other stone materials containing crystalline silica can create airborne dust and the potential for a health hazard.  
Worker exposure to silica-containing dust is dependent on a number of factors, including the amount of crystalline silica in the material, the specific tools being used, the amount of dust being generated by the tasks being performed with the material, and the use of measures, such as wet methods or ventilation, to control the amount of dust reaching the breathing zone of the worker. 
Silicosis can be prevented with proper working protective equipment.  Unfortunately, many employers in the industry have sacrificed safety for profit and have FAILED TO PROVIDE workers with safe work environments placing them at high risk of silicosis.

Shapiro Injury Group is evaluating claims for Silicosis lawsuit.  If you, your family or friends are or were employed in the countertop business and are suffering from any related heath issues, please contact our offices by phone or online for free consultation.